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House System

At Coppice, we use a ‘Vertical Tutoring’ system in which tutor groups are made up of students from Years 7-10. It was introduced at Coppice in 2009 and has been a great success.

Year 11 are now placed in Tutor Groups together which gives them an opportunity to focus time on their academic performance.

Tutor groups belong to one of four houses – each one named after an important local historical landmark. The houses are called Bantock, Chillington, Moseley and Wightwick, and each House has a Head of House. Both Heads of House and Behaviour & Learning Managers monitor the achievement and well-being of the students in their care.

Each House is represented by a colour, with students wearing a school tie and PE kit in the colour of their House:

  • Bantock – Blue – based in the Discovery Zone
  • Chillington – Red – based in the Performance Zone
  • Moseley – Yellow – based in the Communications Zone
  • Wightwick – Green – based in the Creative Zone

Each House has 9 tutor groups; each group has approximately 25 students from across all year groups (apart from Year 11, who are split into separate forms). The House system provides invaluable support for students in all year groups.

The Vertical Tutor system allows greater co-operation between all years and is crucial at key times in student’s education, for example choosing options. Students are able to speak to others in their tutor group or House who have actually been through these processes. Older students may also help, guide and support younger members of the form with settling in, personal organisation, homework and so on.

The role of our Behaviour & Learning Managers is extremely varied, they are able to offer support to students and families who require specialist support in pastoral care.

During tutor time each day students complete a range of activities including topic work based on themed weeks, form challenges, quizzes and competitions, discussions about current affairs plus charitable events. The Academic Tutor will also have discussions with students about their academic progress and implement any measures necessary to support the student’s learning and progress.

There is also a range of Inter-House competitions taking place throughout the year. This fosters a competitive spirit between the students and staff – who will be the most successful House? The Inter-House competitions range from the sporty and athletic, to performing challenges and more academic challenges including maths quizzes, poetry competitions and lots more.

Rewarding Good Behaviour

At Coppice Performing Arts School we love to reward our students for the excellent work and progress that they make, as well as recognising students who have made a positive contribution to the school or wider community:

We have a large number of ways that we reward students, but the main reward system is based on Vivo Rewards. This is an online rewards system where staff can electronically record rewards directly into an individual students’ account. Each reward is called a “VIVO” and carries a monetary value.

At Key Stage 5 students can also be awarded Positive Postcards for making an outstanding contribution, exceptional progress, consistently high standards of effort, attitude or work. Each Positive Postcard is worth £5.

Students in all year groups receive additional rewards through the use of notes in planners, phone calls home, Headteacher’s Commendations and Certificates for students achieving the highest number of VIVOs in various categories.

An achievement assembly is held by the Head of House at the end of each half term.

The House Team at Coppice

  • Head of House – Bantock – Miss S McKenna
  • Head of House – Chillington – Mrs K Rhodes
  • Head of House – Moseley – Mrs S Dulai
  • Head of House – Wightwick – Mr M Adamczyk