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School Council

What is the School Council?

The main purpose of Coppice’s School Council is to allow students to have a say about decisions and to play a positive, active role in making their school a better place.

The School Council is a representative group of students from each House within the school.

Each House has eight House Leaders who form a House Council. These House Leaders applied to be House Leaders through our Student Leadership application process. Two students from the House Council then represent their House on the School Council as well as two representatives from the Parliament Student Leader team.

The School Council meets once a term or more often if required to discuss and sort out any issues and to give a voice to allow students to contribute to decision making at Coppice.

The Head Teacher and Mr Adamczyk set the agenda for School Council meetings. The agenda is given to House Leader teams and they begin the process of gathering student’s opinions in their House. Once opinions are collected House Councils meet to ensure that their House representatives are fully informed ready to put forward the House’s concerns/opinions during the School Council meeting. This method allows a more informed and in depth student voice at School Council meetings.

All minutes from School Council meetings a forwarded to our Senior Leader Team and Head teacher for their consideration.

Membership of the Council is a great way for Students to develop their personal life skills.

Responsibilities of School Council members:

  • Let the Management Leadership Team, Teachers and Governors know their feelings and opinions about things that affect them.
  • Members of the school council will be responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed at meetings or passing on information to students/Academic Tutors/Heads of House if this is necessary.
  • Involvement in interview panels for new staff appointments.