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Report an Absence

If your child is unable to attend school, you need to inform us as soon as possible.

To report a pupil absence, please contact the Attendance Administrator on 01902 558512 or the school reception on 01902 558500 before 9am on every day of absence.

There is a clear correlation between students’ attendance and their progress and achievement. If your child isn’t in school, you need to let us know if there’s a problem, and why your child is absent. A penalty notice can be issued if your child is absent without authorisation.

The school will not authorise family holidays during term time and you are likely to be fined by the Local Authority.

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Working Together

Regular attendance at school is a prerequisite to good education. However, the school recognises that occasionally disruptions occur in family life. It is the school’s policy to support students through difficult or challenging times. We ask parents to inform us of any circumstances that may affect their child’s attendance and we will endeavour to support students and parents by offering advice and making referrals to relevant agencies that may be able to help.

However, the school has a legal responsibility to register students twice daily and report any student who has poor attendance and punctuality to the Local Authority. By working together, parents, students and the school can ensure that the students will benefit from a good attendance record and a consistent approach to his/her learning.