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Latest Reports

Please find below the latest reports by Ofsted. If you would like hard copies, please contact the school who will be happy to assist. Below this section you can find a brief outline of the report which you can read to get an overview of our last visit.

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Ofsted Monitoring Visit December 2018 Download

Summary of Key Findings for Parents and Pupils

  • Safeguarding has a high profile in the school and staff understand that keeping pupils safe is their top priority
  • Staff are alert to the signs that pupils might be at risk and need extra support
  • Safeguarding is well led. The school’s policies and procedures are clear and fit for purpose.
  • Staff provide effective support for pupils with SEND. Leaders provide teachers with helpful information about each pupil with SEND in a brief ‘personal learning plan’.
  • Inspectors spoke with many pupils in lessons, at breaktime and at lunchtime. Almost all said that they feel safe in school. They told inspectors that bullying is very rare and any that does happen in usually dealt with well by staff.
  • Pupils generally behave well in lessons. They work hard, have good attitudes to learning and are keen to do well.
  • The school is calm and orderly throughout the day. Pupils move around the school sensibly.
  • The school is a harmonious and tolerant community. Relationships between pupils and staff are strong. Most pupils like and trust their teachers.
  • Pupils are tolerant and accepting of others who are different from them. For example, pupils with different ethnic heritages are friends and mix together well. Almost all pupils told inspectors that the school does not tolerate racism or discrimination in any form.