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Our Mission

At Coppice, we strive to create a challenging curriculum that has consistent values that become the building blocks for excellence for our young people. We aim to provide an environment and curriculum where a student’s ambition to become the best they can be is at the heart of every decision. Our desire is to build a student’s character with self-efficacy, a strong moral compass and self-pride to become responsible future citizens with greater social mobility. We embrace a challenge “mindset” that encourages our students to push beyond their own expectations and to develop our student’s ambition far beyond what they thought possible. We aim to build the foundations for their excellence.

Our school is an inclusive school and aims to meet the unique needs of every student, supporting them in expanding their ambitions regardless of background, special need or disability. It is for that reason that our broad and balanced curriculum model is open to all.

Our Foundations

Ready –We are ready to engage in all learning

Respectful – We are respectful of all

Responsible – We are responsible for our behaviour and actions

Raise Aspirations – We will aspire to be the best we can be

Embrace Challenge – We embrace challenges and go beyond what we think we can achieve