Welcome to Coppice

I wrote to all parents on 1st June 2018, welcoming Coppice to Central Learning Partnership Trust and expressed my delight at them joining our school improvement partnership with Heath Park and Moseley Park. I also explained that given the academy conversion date was in the middle of the external examination season, I was asking the interim headteacher to remain in post until the end of the academic year. I am pleased to say that all examinations have now been completed and I thank parents for supporting their children through what has been an exhausting experience and in particular pay huge tribute to the students themselves for their all their hard work and application. I hope upon hope that this is rewarded when examination results are published in August.

I am also delighted to inform you that we have moved to implement a new Executive Leadership Team for the new academic year. The model is different from that which has previously been in place at the school but it is one which we have very successfully deployed in our other schools. The team comprises of myself, CEO of the trust, Mrs Georgetta Holloway, Executive Headteacher and two new appointees who will be permanently based at Coppice in the role of Heads of School: Miss Kush Bains and Mr Adrian McLean.

Mrs Holloway and I have worked in Wolverhampton for very many years and have led our other city secondary schools to “outstanding” Ofsted judgements. Miss Bains and Mr McLean, Heads of School, will be the key contact points for parents and students alike. Please see their individual introductions below:


Kush Bains

As a proud Wulfrunian, I am delighted to be appointed as a Head of School to take Coppice forward on the next stage of its’ journey. Success comes in many forms and may be academic achievement, sporting prowess or artistic expression but whatever form it takes, we will achieve it together through hard work and commitment. I have been fortunate to work in several schools across Birmingham and the Black Country and in each one I have met wonderful young people who have dreams and aspirations.

When I set foot into reception at Coppice, I knew this would be no different. I was greeted by polite, articulate and enthusiastic young people eager to share their passion for learning and pride in their school. Our job is really quite simple – make these dreams a reality and work with colleagues to ensure that the students’ passion is translated in marketable success in terms of examination results and life skills to meet the world head-on. I truly believe that we will achieve great things together. At times this will be challenging, and we may not always agree but one thing will remain constant and that is our commitment and belief in your children. Their success is our success and together we can all achieve.

Miss Kush Bains

Head of School


Adrian McLean

This September brings a new start for Coppice Performing Arts School; I am both excited and honoured to be starting as the new Head of School and feel very fortunate to work with so many fantastic students and dedicated staff.

During my four years as a Vice Principal at a school in Birmingham, I placed a high value in forming a strong partnership with the local community. I am now looking forward to getting to know the Coppice Performing Arts School community. The working relationship between the school and parents is vital for your child’s success. It is important we support and communicate with each other, providing a constant and consistent set of boundaries for students. I want to make sure every parent feels they can rely on the team at Coppice Performing Arts School. Through working together we will provide the best conditions possible for your child to learn and develop the skills, knowledge and character to go on to lead successful lives.

Our ethos is simple. We expect our students to work very hard to fulfil their potential and reach the highest standards through high-quality teaching, caring support and by fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect. We aim to keep them safe and happy so that they discover and learn new things, inside and out of the classroom. We value the learning that takes place outside of the classroom in developing character and a well-rounded individual. We will be encouraging students to participate in extracurricular learning opportunities, to read widely and to work independently at home to further extend their knowledge and understanding. This learning beyond the school day develops and grows the confidence and resilience your child will need to be successful in further study and the workplace. This will enable every student to set off into the world as a developed character, with skills and the aptitude to thrive, along with a set of examination results of which they can be proud.

Mr Adrian McLean

Head of School


The commitment the school has always made to provide every student with the highest quality opportunities for personal development remains unchanged. What has changed however is the means by which this will be achieved. No longer will the staff be working in isolation as a single entity school they will be collaborating with colleagues in the other two schools within the partnership to seek out and share best practice. The collective resources within the partnership will be used to the benefit of all our students. We already work very closely at Post 16 with students accessing courses in all three settings and this collaborative approach to working will develop further as we progress the partnership. Our other secondary partner schools are amongst the highest performing not only in the city but regionally and nationally and I am confident that Coppice will follow suit.

There is no intention to change the school motto: “Dream Believe Achieve”, which I understand was created by the students. However, we do need to move this from rhetoric to reality and that can only be done if pupils, parents and staff work in partnership and place high aspirations and strong ambition at the heart of everything we do. I have always believed implicitly in the capacity of young people to achieve whatever it is they set their sights upon but have learned the lesson that achievement is delivered through that all-important partnership of “1% inspiration, 99% perspiration”

We, as the Executive Leadership Team, look forward to the start of the next academic year and the start of a new chapter in the life of Coppice Performing Arts School.

Doug Selkirk

CEO Central Learning Partnership Trust