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Curriculum Area Leader: Mr S Dhanda

All students at Coppice Performing Arts School are taught ICT & Computing. Teaching groups are mixed ability. Students also benefit from the cross-curricular ICT provision in other subject areas.

Learning Environment & Resources

The Computing Department is situated within the Creative Zone and has three fully equipped rooms with 30 desktop computers and interactive whiteboards. ICT resources exist throughout the school and are up to date, having been provided as part of the BSF programme.

Students in Years 7 and 8 have one lesson of Computing each week. They follow a scheme of work which focuses on different topics each half term. Extended learning projects are also set and these contribute to the National Curriculum level achieved.

Students will spend the first term of the year following an ICT based curriculum which will then follow onto a Computing based curriculum. Students will be learning a range of ICT skills where they will be developing their presentation, spreadsheet and database skills. The Computing curriculum involves students learning about computer hardware and being able to develop a range of programs by learning a programming language.

Currently the courses offered at KS4 include the ICT Cambridge Nationals course for a vocational route. We also offer GCSE Computer Science for a more traditional pathway. Both KS4 courses combine an exam with coursework or controlled assessment units.

At post-16 we offer the BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Information Technology as a progression route from Key Stage 4. This course allows students to study ICT/Computing related subject at university. It also allows students to apply for apprenticeship courses or go straight into the IT sector.

Our post 16 course allows students to develop a range of skills. Students will take an exam which involves understanding the core principles of computers. The exam involves understanding how computers work, hardware and software and a range of other topics. Students will also complete two controlled assessments. One assessment involves students creating a website using coding and the other involves students creating an online presence for a business using social media.

Extra-Curricular Activity

Key Stage 4 students are often offered extra time with their teacher to complete or improve coursework. This takes place once a week after school and generally sessions are very well attended. To ensure all students are successful, intervention sessions are provided as needed to give individuals the required support.