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Media BTEC

Entry Requirements

Minimum Grade 4 GCSE in English and Art & Design

Who is it for?

This course is for students who have a keen interest in the Media world including Film, Photography and Publishing. They are highly creative and imaginative with a keen eye for detail and a passion for Digital Design.

Course Structure

Single BTEC National Extended Certificate in Media

The qualification comprises 4 units which there are 3 mandatory units and 1 optional unit.

  • Mandatory Units: Media Representations/ Responding to a Commission / Pre-Production
  • Optional Units: Fictional Film Production

Double BTEC Diploma in Media

This qualification comprises 13 Units which there are 6 mandatory units, 4 pathway optional units and 3 optional units.

  • Mandatory Units: Media Product and Audiences/ Pre-Production and Planning/ Create a Media Product/ TV and Short Film Production/ Social Media Globalisation
  • Pathway Optional Units: Create Audio Visual Promos – Music Video Production/ The creation and use of sound in Media/ Visual Effects and Special Effects in TV/Film/ Cinematography
  • Optional Units: Advertising Media/ Scriptwriting for Media Products/ Plan and Deliver a Pitch


The units are assessed by two methods. There are 3 formal exam unit and the remaining units will be verified internally and moderated externally by a visitor from the exam board. The unit length is dictated by its weighting and the guided learning hours a unit will either last, half a term, a term or a term and a half.

University Pathways

This courses provide an excellent grounding and preparation for Higher Education study in vocational Media degrees. A good number of our students go on to study Film Production and other practical Media courses.

Career Opportunities

This qualification is an excellent stepping stone to a practical career in the Media industries – to work as a Camera Operator or Editor, as a Graphic Designer, Visual Effects Designer or Photographer.