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Applied Science BTEC

Entry requirements

Minimum Grade 4 GCSE in Science, Mathematics and English

Who is it for?

This course is for students interested in entering employment in the Science sector or to progress to vocational qualifications such as Ed excel BTEC Higher Nationals in Applied Biology, Applied Chemistry or other Science or Health related qualifications. The content of the course represents how all three major Science disciplines are employed in real situations and therefore students will be required to apply their knowledge to a range of different organizations that use Science.

Course Structure

Year 1

  • Unit 1 is an exam unit covering key concepts in Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • Unit 2 is a coursework based unit where learners will be required to carry out a variety of investigations and write-up their findings in the style of a scientific report(Certificate – Equivalent – 1 AS Level).

Year 2

  • Unit 3 is a practical exam unit where students will be assessed on their ability to carry out an investigation and analyse the scientific data that they have collected, using a range of mathematical skills
  • Unit 9 is a coursework based unit where students will be looking in detail at human regulation and reproduction (Extended Certificate – Equivalent – 1 A Level).


BTEC Level 3 Applied Science is a very demanding course. Unit 1 and Unit 3 are both assessed externally. Unit 1 is a 90 mark examination, consisting of Biology, Chemistry and Physics content. Unit 3 is a practical examination, where students will be required to carry out an investigation and complete a 60 mark examination following this. Unit 2 and Unit 9 are both assessed internally through coursework.

University Pathways

95% of universities/colleges in the UK accept BTEC students, including competitive universities from the Russell Group. More than 50% of 20/30 year old individuals going on to higher education have progressed via studying a BTEC. BTEC students can often be better prepared in terms of the independent studying that’s required at degree level, due to the portfolio based nature of BTEC courses.

Career Opportunities

Pharmacologist, Biomedical Science, Health/Medical Professions, Environmental Agencies, Microbiology Departments, Science Technician, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Analysis, Research and Education, Food Manufacturing, Environment and Conservation, Animal Health and Breeding.