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English A-Level

Entry Requirements

Minimum Grade 6 GCSE in English or English Literature

Who is it for?

English Language and Literature is ideal for students who have a love for exploring a wide range of texts and passion for the nuances of the English language.

Course Structure

Paper 1: Telling Stories (40%)

  • Place, point of view, genre and theme are explored through a variety of fiction, non-fiction and poetic texts

Paper 2: Exploring Conflict (40%)

  • Conflict and the individual’s role in society are explored through fiction prose and drama through analysis and creative writing

Non-Examined Assessment: Making Connection (20%)

  • An independent investigation making connections and exploring techniques or themes between literary and non-literary texts


2 units are examined and 1 is coursework.

University Pathways

An English Language and Literature A Level is desirable for many university courses, because it tells a university that you have sophisticated reading and writing skills. All universities accept English Language and Literature for all types of English study, including Literature, Language and Creative Writing, from the Russell Group to ourmost local ones.

However, the skills that you develop in A Level English will be relevant for subjects such as History, Drama, Media, Languages/Communication Studies and Law.

Apprenticeship Pathways

One of the key skills that you will develop in English is being able to communicate clearly, but in a developed manner. You will learn how to approach a variety of audiences and the nuances of spoken language.

In short, any skill you learn in English would help you in any apprenticeship.

Career Opportunities

The beauty of an English A Level is that it does not rule out any career! Any employer would happily employ a candidate with an English A Level, because it tells them that you have reading and writing skills that are developed and sophisticated. Aside from Teaching obviously, you can get into Writing, Journalism, Marketing, Editing, Proof Reading, Retail, Social and Community Work.