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Multi-Lingual Guest Speakers Inspire Year 8s

On Tuesday 19th June, we had the pleasure of inviting multi-lingual guest speakers Elaine Davies from Offshore Stainless Supplies Ltd and Joanne Wilson from Narrow Aisle Ltd to talk to our Year 8 French GCSE optees.

Both Elaine and Joanne ran interactive workshops which gave the students a first-hand opportunity to see how learning a foreign language can not only help them to progress in their career, but can also open up a wealth of cultural opportunities.

Elaine shared her early experience of living and working in Martinique where she first used the French she had learned at school. Students were shocked to think that learning French could lead to living in such an amazing place. Joanne made lots of students envious when she shared her experience of how using a foreign language had led to her working in a variety of interesting fields.

Students were particularly impressed when she shared her experience of producing Lego mini-figures…and were keen to learn of her adventures to France in her camper van, which show learning a foreign language can be worthwhile both personally and professionally!