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Director: Mrs S Brackenridge

Teachers: Mrs R Khanum and Mrs T Wickson

Psychology is the study of human behaviour. Students follow a two year linear programme which is examined both in Year 1 (AS) and Year 2 (full A Level). During the course students will develop an understanding of human behaviour and how our decisions are influenced by an interaction between nature and nurture.

In Year 1 students cover Paper 1 which consists of introductory topics in psychology including social influence, attachment and memory. Intriguing questions here include: Why do we obey? Why do we forget? and Why do we form attachments? Paper 2 focuses on psychology in context and the areas covered include research methods, approaches and psychopathology. Thought provoking debates include what is mental illness and when do we become abnormal? At the end of Year 1 (summer term), students will sit the AS examination; made up of Paper 1 and Paper 2 (each paper is 1 hour and 30 minutes and worth 50% each).

In Year 2, students will cover options in psychology which makes up Paper 3 and includes the topics of Schizophrenia and Relationships. At the end of the two year course, students will sit three (2 hour) examination papers (each worth 33.3%) in the summer term to achieve an A Level qualification in psychology.

Entry requirements

In addition to the Sixth Form requirements, students will need to have a Grade 5 in English Language, Grade 5 in Mathematics or Grade 5 in Science.


All students will have access to an online digital textbook and there are also some on-line resources made up of handouts and lesson plans. There is a wide range of model answers available to facilitate learning and help with exam practice.

Additional provision

Standard tutorials are set for students in order to extend and consolidate learning; these usually take place in Coursework Clinic time.