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Black History Month

The students at Coppice have a history of producing excellent project work and so we knew they would step up to this challenge for Black History Month. Each tutor group, in each year group, from Year 7 through to Year 13, were assigned a historically significant black individual to research and produce a display piece on. The students, alongside their tutors have worked tirelessly throughout the month on their project work. We are completely blown away by the results – the effort and creativity the students have shown is amazing. We are always proud of our students but how they have embraced this challenge is wonderful. The finished 35 projects will be displayed around the school for everyone to enjoy.

Claire Gilbert, Head of School ‘I am overwhelmed with the effort that the children and their teachers have made for this task.  They have gained so much from the experience and this learning opportunity will ensure they continue to ask questions.  Super proud of all of them – just amazing’.