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Youth Parliament Elections

This week Coppice students have been exercising their right to vote by taking part in the Youth Parliament elections.  The 6th Form Student Leadership team manned the polling station enabling students from all year groups have been bringing British Values and Democracy to life. Students have had the opportunity to vote for who they believe will best represent the young people of Wolverhampton and fellow students on a national level, and also voting in the ‘Make Your Mark’ ballot which is the opportunity to vote on a particular topic that the students deem important for young people.

The UK Youth Parliament is a passionate and dedicated group of young people aged 11-18 from across the UK who represent the views of young people in their local communities to the people in power through listening and debating and campaigning. ​

They help to improve the lives of young people in their area and debate issues such as climate change, mental health, knife crime and many more.