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Students Inspired by French play ‘Mes Chers Voisins’

Students in years 8, 9 and 10 who study French were treated to a production of the French play ‘Mes Chers Voisins’ on Tuesday, 19th June by Onatti Theatre Company who specialise in theatre productions for young Modern Language learners.

The play was about the lives and relationships of five eccentric neighbours living on the same street in France: Sam, Marion, Hugo, Candice and Magali. They faced various scenarios such as getting exam results, going to prom and a Justin Bieber crisis!

Coppice students were able to actively participate in the story and some were chosen to play certain parts with the actors up on stage. All students engaged as an audience with the interactive style of the play to improve their comprehension and confidence in French. Overall the event was a real success and the pupils seemed to thoroughly enjoy the whole experience.

À l’année prochaine!