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Social Workers in Schools Programme

Here at Coppice, we have welcomed a new member of our team, Lynnette Cuthbertson.

Lynette is a senior social worker who has recently started her new role within our school, this term.  Her role is part of a pilot scheme (called SWIS), which aims to increase support to children and their families at the earliest opportunity and reduce the number of referrals for specialist help.

Wolverhampton is one of several local authorities taking part in a national trial to work with teachers, young people and their families.  A total of six social workers have begun working in Wolverhampton schools and may also work with the secondary’s feeder primary schools.  Lynette will be integrating into the school’s daily life, getting to know staff and pupils.

It is hoped that the scheme will help support the response to schools for safeguarding issues, increase collaboration between social workers, school staff and parents, and improve relationships between social workers and young people.

The social workers in schools programme follows a pilot in Lambeth, Southampton and Stockport last year, and is being scaled up to better evaluate its impact. We are really pleased to be part of this trial and look forward to Lynette staying with us, as long as possible.