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Year 7 Transition 2020



Welcome to Coppice, we are so pleased you will be joining our Coppice community. Throughout your journey at Coppice you will be immersed in many exciting challenges and have the opportunity to explore a range of subjects.

Please take time to go through the information and videos. We will be regularly updating the information here.

This is going to be an amazing journey.


Welcome from the Headteacher

Video Message from the headteacher


Meet the Year 7 Team

Want to get know the year 7 pastoral team? You are in the right place! Take a look through our profiles and watch the video clips. We can not wait to meet you all!

Head of Year – Miss Parrino

Pastoral Manager – Mrs Hughes

7AE – Miss Evans

7BA– Miss Andrews

7HG– Miss Garretley

7JR– Mr Routledge

7RN– Mrs Nandhra

7MT– Mr Turner

7SC– Mr Cunningham


Parent Guidance Booklet

View parent guidance booklet



Competition Time

Are you ready for a challenge?

Your task is to design/ create something which represents Lockdown 2020. This can be in the form of a poster, model… be as creative as you like.

Please return your entry to your form tutor in September. Winners will be announced by Miss Parrino in assembly.

Good Luck!


Here are some activities to keep yourselves busy until we see you in September!

What do you want to know/ Can you ask any questions that children in your new secondary school can answer? Would you ask teachers a different question?

Plan your journey to school, can you draw a map to help you in the future?

Plan your journey to your new school. If you are not able to get a lift, how will you get there? Will you need to use public transport? Can you check the timetables and plan your timings?

Check my knowledge! Can you show off? Can you create a poster/piece of writing/song etc to show your new teachers how much you already know about your favourite subject?

What is your favourite subject at school? Why is it so good? How is it different to primary school?

What has been the best things about being at your primary school? Write a letter/draw a picture to tell your teacher/Headteacher what you will miss.

What are you looking forward to? Again, to your old school, or your new! What are you most excited about? It is a very exciting time even though there are lots of questions. A new start is always exciting, if a little bit scary!

Write a letter to your new Headteacher. Tell her/him why you will be an asset to their school.