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Director: Mrs J Davis

Science at Coppice is taught to all students in years 7 – 11 with post 16 options available.

During the autumn term, Year 7 students are set by ability, following a baseline assessment. Ability setting is continued throughout Key Stage 3 and 4. In all key stages, students are assessed regularly and are expected to achieve their target grade.

Where students underachieve, a program of effective intervention takes place to ensure all students reach their full potential. KS4 groups are taught by teachers within their specialisms.

Learning Environment & Resources

The Science Department is situated within the Discovery Zone and has four fully equipped laboratories and two additional teaching rooms. The department is supported by two Science Technicians.

Schemes of work are designed to enable staff to regularly review progress through formative and summative assessments and provide appropriate feedback, to ensure all students reach their potential.

In common with the rest of the school, all teaching areas have interactive white boards. The department has access to comprehensive ICT facilities, including two class sets of notebook computers and a developing range of data logging equipment. The school network allows both students and teachers to access an extensive range of teaching materials for use during lessons or for private study. The department is committed to on-going development of its ICT resources to enhance the teaching and learning of Science.

Students at Key Stage 3 have three science lessons each week.

The schemes of work used throughout KS3 are based on AQA KS3 Science which is designed to provide structure and clarity to the national curriculum and help students gain knowledge of key scientific concepts and progress to KS4.

The course is extensively supported by a variety of differentiated resources such as ‘Collins Science’ and the use of a wide range of ICT resources.

Students at KS4 have the following Science Course options:

  • AQA GCSE Combined Science (Trilogy) – students will be entered at Foundation or Higher Tier, according to ability and will be determined by regular teacher assessments. Trilogy students have three lessons of science per week in year 9 and four lessons of Science in year 10 and year 11. External GCSE exams are at the end of year 11.
  • AQA Triple Science – GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Physics. Students reaching the required standard at the end of KS3 have the option to study Triple Sciences at GCSE level. Triple students will be entered at Foundation or Higher Tier, according to ability and teacher assessments. These students have 5 lessons of science in year 9 and 6 lessons of Science in year 10 and year 11. External GCSE exams are at the end of year 11.

The following options are available at post-16:

AQA A Level in Biology, OCR A Level in Chemistry & AQA A Level Physics

Biology A Level and Chemistry A Level is taught solely at Coppice Performing Arts School, whilst Physics is currently taught at our local consortium partner school.

Students cover AQA A Level Biology and OCR A Level Chemistry. Extensive personalised support systems are in place to ensure all students reach their potential on a need by need basis. New schemes of work have been developed to ensure students are able to acquire and apply their knowledge, develop skills and embed competent practical skills. All to prepare them for life beyond school and into the workplace or higher education.

Extra Curricular Activity

Revision support sessions and coursework clinics are available. Trips to events such as ‘Thinktank’ and Jaguar Land Rover are organised on a regular basis.