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English and Media

Director: Mrs D Baker

All students at Coppice Performing Arts School study English during Years 7 – 11. The aim of the English Department is to equip students to become shrewd and fluent independent readers, confident writers and effective verbal communicators. We work with students from Year 7, introducing them to a wide range of literature and non fiction texts in order to develop an appreciation of the writer’s craft, and to encourage a love of reading for pleasure. Whilst building on spelling, punctuation and grammar skills and knowledge introduced in Primary school, we will also aim to develop student’s independent and creative thinking in order to instill confidence and competence in writing for a range of purposes and audiences.

Learning Environment & Resources

Our team of 11 teachers work collaboratively to ensure teaching and learning resources support the delivery of engaging and relevant lessons which will enable students to make good progress in English Language and Literature, and develop into confident communicators.

The department promotes reading for both study and pleasure. In addition to providing copies of the set GCSE texts to all students, we ensure they have access to a wide range of contemporary and classical novels, poetry and non fiction texts

The Department works alongside the Learning Support Team to ensure that the English curriculum is accessible to all students, allowing achievement at all levels.

In Year 7-8, students experience a broad range of activities covering three main areas of English study: reading, writing and spoken language. These years form the foundation for study at GCSE level and include:

  • Study of English Literary Heritage texts
  • Study of poetry from different cultures and traditions
  • Non-fiction and fiction texts
  • Study of modern novels
  • Creative writing
  • Transactional writing.

Years 7 and 8 have 3 lessons of English per week, and are regularly assessed for progress in reading and writing skills throughout the year.

Students in Year 9, 10 and 11 have 4 lessons of English per week.

All students study for the AQA GCSE English Language and English Literature specifications. They are regularly assessed against GCSE criteria throughout the course.

Assessment at the end of the course for reading and writing is exam based, at the end  with a Spoken Language coursework component completed in advance of the written exams. The course consists of the following units:

English Language:

Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing

  • Analysis of one literature fiction text
  • descriptive or narrative writing

Writer’s viewpoints and perspectives

  • Analysis, comparison and evaluation one non-fiction text and one literary non-fiction text
  • writing to present a viewpoint

Spoken Language:

  • presenting
  • responding to questions and feedback
  • use of Standard English

English Literature:

  • Shakespeare Play
  • 19th Century novel.
  • Modern Drama text
  • Poetry Anthology with a theme of Power and Conflict
  • Unseen Poem

Students study for the AQA ‘A’ level Language and Literature qualification. Course units include:

  • Telling Stories
  • Exploring Conflict
  • Making Connections