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English and Media

Director: Mrs D Baker

All students at Coppice Performing Arts School study English during Years 7 – 11. Students begin their English studies in mixed ability groups before being placed into sets after the first summer term. Sets are assessed regularly and reviewed in order to aid student learning.

The aim of the English Department is to ensure that each student becomes a shrewd and fluent independent reader, a confident writer and an effective speaker and listener, with an awareness of the English literary heritage; t his is achieved through the delivery of the Key Stage 3 Curriculum, examination courses such as AQA English Language and English Literature at Key Stage 4, and AQA English Language and Literature for Post 16 students.

The Department works collaboratively with the Learning Support Facility to ensure that the English curriculum is accessible to all students, allowing achievement at many levels.

Learning Environment & Resources

The English Department is situated within the Communications Zone and has five dedicated teaching rooms, an open plan teaching area and the use of a 58 seat lecture theatre. One teaching room is equipped with a suite of 16 Apple desktop computers primarily for use by Media students. The department also has a trolley with 30 laptop computers.

In Year 7-9, students experience a broad range of activities covering three main areas of English study: reading, writing and speaking & listening. These years form the foundation for study at GCSE level and include:

  • Study of English Literary Heritage texts
  • Study of poetry from different cultures and traditions
  • Non-fiction and fiction texts
  • Study of modern, popular novels such as ‘Stone Cold’ and ‘Framed’
  • Creative writing

At Coppice, most students study two GCSEs: English Language and English Literature. Some students study English only so that they can maximise their grade. The course covers the three main areas of English, as above, and includes study of:

  • Non-fiction and fiction texts
  • Pre-1914 and modern poetry
  • Pre-1914 Literary Heritage Novels
  • 20th Century Literature
  • Creative Writing

Post-16 work consists of GCSE re-takes, ‘A’ level Language and Literature, which follows the AQA syllabus, specification A.

BTec Media Studies (Level 3) is offered as a Post 16 option.

Film Studies ‘A’ Level is also offered Post 16 and follows the WJEC syllabus.