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Coppice Students Experience French Culture

Mrs Congrave from the Modern Foreign Languages department accompanied by Mrs Endean, Mr Lally, Miss Leonard and Mr Turner were delighted to be able to take 34 students studying French from Years 9-11 to St. Omer in Northern France from 26th until 29th October over the half-term holiday,

The trip was a huge success and students had an enjoyable and educational trip.

Having a chance to ride on the ferry was a new experience for many and our daily excursions by coach enabled the group to take in the beautiful and vast French countryside.

The trip to a family-run bakery where explanations were given in French of the bread and pastry making process was the best entertainment as well as being insightful! A unique trip to a snail farm where over half the students were brave enough to try the expensive French delicacy cooked in garlic and butter, tomato and cheese as well as a fruity version will be a lasting memory for most! A cheese tasting at the Chateau accommodation proved to be rather hilarious. Evening entertainment included games and the Boom Chikka Boom song were hopefully also unforgettable moments for the students!

We also visited the town of Le Touquet and Boulogne where students followed clues in French to complete town trails Students were impressed by the cleanliness of the towns and the charming buildings they had to offer.

En route back to Calais for our return trip, students shopped at Auchan hypermarket and had the chance to see what they have to offer in terms of produce before visiting a Belgian chocolate shop, where students saw the chocolate making process and took away their own decorated bar of chocolate and spent their remaining Euros.

The foreign country trip experience was a fantastic opportunity for all students to improve their language skills, experience a new culture first hand away from the United Kingdom. This is so important for developing awareness, tolerance and confidence in our young people as they prepare for their futures.

The students did a fantastic job of representing our school and were complimented by French Passport Control and the coach driver for their amazing behaviour and respect.

Well done to all those students who came with us – you did us proud!