Coppice Performing Arts School Joins Central Learning Partnership Trust

I am delighted to say that Coppice Performing Arts School joined Central Learning Partnership Trust on 1 June 2018, as part of our family of schools.

We look forward to working closely with all stakeholders to support our young people and to ensure they have successful school careers, maximise their outcomes and best prepare them for life after Coppice.

I am very conscious that we are in the middle of the external examination season and it is uppermost in my thoughts that disruption at this time is kept to a minimum. Consequently, the school will function exactly the same as it was doing prior to the half-term holiday and that discussions on any staffing and/or curriculum changes that we would wish to implement for the next academic year are put on hold until after the external examinations are complete.

We are a very successful Wolverhampton-based Multi Academy Trust, our two other city secondaries, Heath Park and Moseley Park, are both judged outstanding by Ofsted and are amongst the highest performing schools in the region. I am totally confident that Coppice can, within the next few years, attain the same Ofsted judgement.

No school can achieve anything without the full support of parents and it is with this in mind, that I will set up opportunities for us to meet immediately after the exams have finished. We will arrange a school-based meeting for all interested parents immediately after the above mentioned exams. However, not everyone is totally comfortable in a formal school setting and I do want to be able to meet and work with, as many parents and key members of the community as possible. If anyone has any suggestions as to where else we could hold an additional, more informal meeting, please do not hesitate to contact the school with suggestions.

Mr D Selkirk, Chief Executive Officer – Central Learning Partnership Trust