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2. Labour Market Information

What is Labour Market Information (LMI)?

LMI is information about the world of work. It includes information such as descriptions of jobs, the skills and qualifications needed for particular jobs and average salaries. LMI also looks at trends in the labour market in terms of which sectors and industries are in demand, which are in decline and which are expected to grow in future.

Information classed as LMI includes:

• Skills, career pathways and progression routes in the local labour market• Qualifications, training and entry requirements• Employment sectors, employers, jobs, salaries and employment trends• Job demands and working life• Financial planning

How to find LMI:

  • Some useful websites include the National Careers Service where you can find out extensive LMI on thousands of jobs. The iCould website also provides job profiles in a more teen-friendly, video format and includes the Buzz quiz, a matching quiz that we use in school to help students match their skills and interests to job sectors.
  • Download and read Careers of the Future West Midlands to find out the 40 top jobs of the future.
  • Click on the images below to view up to date Labour Market Information for Birmingham and the Black Country and a Student and Parent Guide to Black Country LMI.

Download Black-Country – Labour Market Information

BCC Parent and Student Guide Final Digital Version

Wolverhampton – LMI

Industries in Wolverhampton

Exploring LMI – Wolverhampton – Assessment

Mindfulness Activities

Career Map – Careerometer

Occupation Information

The website link below allows you to look at a range of information on different jobs and compare them as you look at choices.

It allows you to see what you might be paid, how many hours you must work and what might happen to the workforce in this area of work. That means that you can start looking not just for today and tomorrow but allows for more long term planning for later in life too.

The Future Of Work

The website below allows you to look at how the jobs market might change by 2024.

It gives predictions based on current trends and developments, for example predicting that there will be a fall in the number of bank clerks (possibly because of the move to online banking) yet a rise in the number of senior care workers (possibly because of the ageing population). This is useful when looking at your career for life.