2018-19 Academic Year

Further to my previous communication sent in July 2018, I write to inform you that from September, we will be implementing a new Executive Leadership Team for the new academic year.

The model is different to that which has previously been in place at Coppice but it is one which we have very successfully deployed in our other schools.  The team comprises of myself, CEO of the trust, Mrs Georgetta Holloway, Executive Headteacher and two new appointees who will be permanently based at Coppice in the role of Heads of School: Miss Kush Bains a nd Mr Adrian McLean.

Mrs Holloway and myself have worked in Wolverhampton for very many years and have led our other city secondary schools to “outstanding” Ofsted judgements.

Miss Bains and Mr McLean, as Heads of School, will be the key contact points for parents and students alike.  Please see their individual introductions below:

As a proud Wulfrunian, I am delighted to be appointed as a Head of School to take Coppice forward on the next stage of its’ j ourney. Success comes in many forms and may be academic achievement, sporting prowess or artistic expression but whatever fo rm it takes, we will achieve it together through hard work and commitment. I have been fortunate to work in several schools across Birmingham and the Black Country and in each one I have met wonderful young people who have dreams and aspirations.

When I set foot into reception at Coppice, I knew this would be no different. I was greeted by polite, articulate and enthusiastic young people eager to share their passion for learning and pride in their school. Our job is really quite simple – make these dreams a reality and work with colleagues to ensure that the students’ passion is translated in marketable success in terms of examination results and life skills to meet the world head-on. I truly believe that we will achieve great things together. At times this will be challenging, and we may not always agree but one thing will remain constant and that is our commitment and belief in your children. Their success is our success and together we can all achieve.

Miss Kush Bains

Head of School

This September brings a new start for Coppice Performing Arts School; I am both excited and honoured to be starting as the new Head of School and feel very fortunate to work with so many fantastic students and dedicated staff.

During my four years as a Vice Principal at a school in Birmingham, I placed high value in forming a strong partnership with the local community. I am now looking forward to getting to know the Coppice Performing Arts School community. The working relationship between the school and parents is vital for your child’s success. It is important we support and communicate with each other, providing a constant and co nsistent set of boundaries for students. I want to make sure every parent feels they can rely on the team at Coppice Performing Arts School. Through working together we will provide the best conditions possible for your child to learn and develop the skills, knowledge and character to go on to lead successful lives.

Our ethos is simple. We expect our students to work very hard to fulfil their potential and reach the highest standards through high quality teaching, caring support and by fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect. We aim to keep them safe and happy so that they discover and learn new things, inside and out of the classroom. We value the learning that takes place outside of the classroom in developing character and a wellrounded individual. We will be encouraging students to participate in extracurricular learning opportunities, to read widely and to work independently at home to further extend their knowledge and understanding. This learning beyond the school day develops and grows the confidence and resilience your child will need to be successful in further study and the workplace. This will enable every student to set off into the world as a developed character, with skills and the aptitude to thrive, along with a set of examination results of which they can be proud.

Mr Adrian McLean

Head of School

September Arrangements

Year 7 students are to arrive at school for 8:40am and line up in the Year 7 designated assembly point.

Sixth Form students are requested to arrive for a 9:30am Assembly/Induction Interview with Mr Weaver and collect their timetables.

Years 8, 9, 10, and 11 will return to school at 8:40am on Wednesday 5th September. Students will line up at their designated year group assembly point for an extended Academic Tutorial, where timetables and planners will be distributed.  Lessons will commence during Period 1 as per the normal school day.

In line with our schools safeguarding procedures, all students, except Sixth Form, will be required to stay on site to ensure that we can guarantee your child’s supervision and safety throughout the school day as part of our duty of care.

School Day – September 2019

In response to our on-going review of the curriculum, and to support students embarking on, or taking, the new and high demanding examination courses, we have decided to move our curriculum timings for KS3 & KS4.

I can confirm that the start and end times of the school day will remain unchanged however; the makeup of the school day will be altered as follows:

Year 7 – 11
Arrival time in school  8:40am


Registration 8:45am            – 9:05am
Period 1 9:05am            – 10:20am
Period 2  10:20am          – 11:35am
Break 11:35am          – 11:50am
Period 3 11:50am          – 1:05pm
Lunch 1:05pm            – 1:45pm
Period 4 1:45pm            – 3:00pm
Official end of the school day 3:00pm               
Additional after school provision

Intervention Clinic / Extracurricular activities / Independent study and homework provision.


3.00pm            –

(As required)


Whilst I am aware that some students come to school without eating breakfast, I would recommend that parents encourage their son/daughter to eat breakfast before coming to school, in particular in light of the newly revised morning break time. I can confirm that our schools catering team provide a breakfast service, allowing students to purchase breakfast from 8:00am; students entitled to free school meals will be able to use their daily allowance at any time in the school day including breakfast time. Application details for free school meals can be found on the school website. As parents have previously been informed, students will no longer be able to leave the school site at lunchtime this is in response to our revised safeguarding procedures.

Staff Leaving/Joining Coppice

I would like to take this opportunity to update you on the following staff changes from September.  July saw us say goodbye to the following staff: Mr Adamczyk (Head of Year 7/Teacher of PE), Mr Carpenter (Teacher of Mathematics), Mr Cooper-Richards (Head of Drama), Mrs Hilton (KS4 Coordinator for English), Miss Holmes (Teacher of Dance), Mrs Meek (Teacher of MFL) and Mrs Taylor (Teacher of English), we wish them all good luck as they take up their positions in their new schools.

September will see us welcome the following staff to Coppice, Miss Andrews (Teacher of Science), Miss Batson (Teacher of PE), Mr Clarke (Teacher of Mathematics), Mrs Dodd (Teacher of English), Miss Evans (Teacher of English) Miss Garratley (Teacher of English), Mr Holdcroft (Teacher of Drama), Miss Kaur (Teacher of Humanities), Mr Morgan (Administration Apprentice) and Mrs Shergill (Teacher of Mathematics).

School Uniform Advice

Detailed below are specific requirements of our uniform policy (full Appendix attached), this has been clearly published previously, but a clarification of issues, which have at times caused mixed messages between home and school.  All students must return to school in September in full, correct uniform, if your son/daughter is not in correct uniform, parents will be contacted and requested to bring in co rrect items.  If your child is not compliant, they will be isolated and not in main school lessons until the item is corrected.  Intentional or continued refusal to comply with school rules will result in fixed term exclusions.

Uniform Policy Specific Requirements for September

  • Only shoes will be acceptable for September. If you are unsure if an item is a shoe or trainer / trainer style please consult school before you purchase.  If you are unsure if your purchase will meet our expectations please retain the receipt and feel free to bring them into school in order to check with your child’s Head of Year.
  • All trainers are considered to be sports footwear; and are therefore unacceptable.
  • A shoe is recognised as a piece of footwear that would be worn for a smart occasion i.e. interview, job in an office, wedding etc.
  • We will not accept any visible branded footwear (these are too numerous to list but include converse, vans, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Timberland etc.) even if fully black in colour.
  • Shoes do not have fabric or rubber strips or rubber toe coverings.
  • Boots are not acceptable school footwear. For health and safety reasons boots with steel toecaps – are banned with immediate effect.  Once again, please check with your child’s Head of Year before you purchase.
  • Leather “Converse / Nike style” should not be purchased for School.

Black “rubber toecap” “Adidas style” trainers will not be permitted in school with immediate effect and must be replaced.

No trainers / trainer style or canvas shoes allowed – Fashions change faster than we can update our pictures.  The attached examples are for guidance ONLY.  Items which are not shown in pictures but which do not meet our requirements will not be allowed. 

Please DO NOT allow social media communication or “retailer promotion” to persuade you to purchase an item which does not meet our descriptors.

Girls Trousers and Skirts – The following guidance is provided to support the uniform requirements of  the school: trouser must be tailored trouser

– not tight, skinny or stretch lycra.   Tailored trouser should be ‘loose’ not ‘tight’ at the ankle.  Skirts should also be tailored and of appropriate length – not tight or stretch lycra; this ensures a smart and “business like” appearance to our students.

Coats and HoodiesCoats and Hoodies need to be left in lockers and must not be worn around the school building.  Lockers are available to hire through Student Services (£5 refundable deposit).

Piercings – are not allowed to be worn in school.  This includes nose, eyebrows, lips and face.  Where a student has a piercing, the item must be removed before coming into school in the morning. It cannot be covered with a plaster or replaced with a so‐called ‘invisible’/clear plastic piercing.  Parents and students need to plan piercings at the start of the summer holiday so that the 6-week period has passed before returning to school and the piercing can be removed without risk of infection. It is not acceptable for students to have new piercings during term time. 

Earrings – these must be plain studs, one in each ear only.  For health and safety reasons hoops, dangly earrings, spacers and spikes are not permitted.

Nails – Neutral, single colour Nail vanish can be worn.  Please be advised that nail extensions, false or gel nails are not permitted in school.  It is the responsibility of students to remove nail extensions, false or gel nails before arriving at school.  Failure to do so will result in sanctions.  These nails must be reserved for school holidays so that they can be removed prior to the return to school.

Hair Colour and Cuts – Unnatural hair colour, including “dip-dye ends” are not allowed at Coppice.  Haircuts/eyebrows, which include shavings/patterns/“tram lines” are also not acceptable.  Please do not allow your child to have these hairstyles/eyebrows as this may result in them being unable to join mainstream classes as part of the sanctions applied.

Make-up and False Eyelashes – Heavy make-up or false eyelashes are not permitted at Coppice.  Students will be asked to remove makeup/eyelashes before joining mainstream classes.

Ties and Badges – These are available at Reception priced £4 and £5 each.  All blazers must display the Coppice logo badge.  All students must wear the purple house-stripe tie.  If your child needs a replacement, or a spare, please purchase one before the summer holidays from our school reception.

Mobile Phone and Headphones – Reminder:

We support the security and peace of mind that mobile phones provide for students and parents, which is why we have not banned mobile phones from school, however we have one very simple rule, mobile phones and headphones are only permitted at break and lunchtime for sensible use.

Phones/headphones must be out of sight, silent – switched off, this rule applies during lessons times and lesson changeovers.  If students choose to not follow this rule the consequences will be:

  • Mobile phone/headphones will be confiscated and placed in the school safe
  • Parents/Carers will be informed and will be required to collect from school

If students need to contact home they may use the year or school reception phone. Please note the school cannot be held responsible if any valuable items brought into school are lost or stolen.


All students need the following equipment:

  • Pencil Case
  • Black Pen
  • Green Pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Rubber
  • Calculator
  • School Planner
  • PE kit on relevant days

All of this needs to be kept in a suitable school bag which is waterproof and large enough to carry A4 sized folders and books.


  • All students need to arrive to school, form rooms and lessons on time
  • Being on time gets the day off to a good start and helps students make the most of learning opportunities

Respecting our Learning Environment: 

  • All rubbish belongs in a bin
  • Rubbish must not be left out or on the floor
  • Consequences for students who persistently fail to respect their learning environment
  • No chewing gum is allowed on the school site

Respecting Each Other:

Students are expected to behave in a respectful, polite manner at all times, this includes:

  • Being courteous to each other, staff and visitors
  • Holding doors open for each other, staff and visitors
  • Using the terms please and thank you
  • Moving swiftly and appropriately around school

We thank you for your support in all of the above matters.  Students who continually fail to meet our standards of appearance and expectations will be subject to sanctions.  It is far more positive and productive for your child’s education if these situations are avoided in advance.  Please check the school website for the full uniform guidance.

May I take this opportunity to thank parents and carers for their on-going support and wish you all a very relaxing summer break.  I would also like to congratulate our fantastic Coppice students for another highly successful year and I look forward to seeing everyone on ou r return in September.